CAVU is a business created to fill the gaping software void for entrepreneurs. Rather than force-fitting multiple off-the-shelf products for your business, MedSoft (healthcare) and Simpatico (business) allow you to manage both customer and employee information in one custom-designed application. Calendaring, time clock, client scheduling, billing, reporting, and more are all available to you 24/7 in one locale.


Our MedSoft application is designed to make your day-to-day processes seamless. By managing your front-end and back-end functions through one application, you save time and money.

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Our primary goal is to free up time for you to focus on what is most important for your business. Let Simpatico help your company operate more efficiently so you can invest your energy in your product.

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  • Customer Service "Working with this company gives your business the hands-on care and personalized service you would expect from working with a small business but with the full-service benefits of a large corporation."
  • Flexibility "One of the great advantages of Medsoft is that components of it are truly customizable to your practice, allowing you flexibility you won’t find in other stock software."


Clinic Management

"One of the big advantages of Medsoft is that it gives you visual oversight of your clinic. The system collects data and presents it in easy to understand graphs and spreadsheets which allows you to monitor how your employees are using the system as well as helping you keep up on insurance and documentation requirements."

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